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How long have you been doing what you do & how did you get into aesthetics?

20 years ago I qualified as a Nurse and I left the NHS in 2015 to set up my Aesthetic Clinic.  

My NHS carer path was all Cardiology based with my passion within the sub speciality of Heart Failure.  I managed Heart Failure patients as a Nurse Specialist who prescribed and was working towards my Masters.  It was my idyllic speciality and I believed back then, that I would work within my role until retirement.  How my life path changed!

So what changed?  2 Children, 8 weeks struggling with pneumonia, child care issues during school holidays, a child who was ill and off school  a lot, guilt of being late to collect the children from after school clubs  and a difficult  manager. 

Basically, I wasn’t able to keep juggling the balls and whilst ill with pneumonia I reflected on the life I wanted.  Things had to change and this is the short version of how I got into aesthetics.

who are my clients

I work with people like you – who are seeking to slow down the aging process, using non surgical cosmetic procedures.  People who want quality treatment and quality outcomes delivered by an experienced Nurse. 

How are you different from other injectors/clinics?

Firstly, I am regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.  This means that I am professionally bound to put your care & safety first.  I hope that this is reassuring for those of you who are considering treatment but are overwhelmed with choice of where to go and who to trust. 

I’ve spent years enhancing my medical consultation skills, which enables me to listen attentively to your cosmetic concerns.  I genuinely want you to achieve a great result so its important for us to spend time together (consultation) working on a treatment plan.

My purpose built clinic is private and secluded with on road parking. 

Following consultation you are not obligated to have any treatment.  In fact, I recommend that you go home with your treatment plan and take time to consider your options. 

By constantly keeping my knowledge and skills up dated, I can provide you with pleasing natural treatment results using  safe techniques. 

All non-surgical aesthetic procedures have associated risks.   Rest assured,  If you experience a complication then you and your complication will be treated free of charge.

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Treatments you can trust

Treatments using highest quality products and medical devices. Ask about CE Marked and FDA approval.

Post care

All post care treatment is included as standard.


Nurses have a code of conduct to maintain confidentiality. Your information is stored securely.

Evidence Based

Treatment planning undergoes complex decision making based on the available research.

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*£25 refundable deposit will become non refundable if you fail to attend or cancel within 48 hours of your appointment.

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