Aging Face/Sagging

Aging Face/Sagging

Faces age both naturally and secondary to extrinsic factors, such as sun damage. Sagging is a result of aging and is usually noticed in the lower face this can be manifested as nose to mouth lines, marionettes or jowls. There are many treatments available to help reduce the sagging appearance.

The triangle of beauty is an upside-down youth triangle, it provides all the support required to achieve beautiful facial contours on the cheek and jawline. Unfortunately, this triangle inverts with the ageing process and we notice loss of volume to the cheeks, jowl development, loss of jaw line definition, down turned mouth corners and nose to mouth lines.

Dermal filler is a wonderful non-surgical injectable that provides volumisation, definition and softening of the lines. This can help make you feel the very best version of yourself.

Prices start from £470.

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