Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Thinning of the lip occurs with ageing, secondary to collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA) reduction. Perioral muscle movement occurring with lip puckering, smoking, whistling etc causes lines and wrinkles to develop which encourages further breakdown in the hyaluronic acid and subsequent appearance of lipstick bleed lines.

There are varied treatment options for this condition. Including injecting dermal filler into the lip boarder (vermillion) which results in a stretch and softening of the fine lipstick bleed lines and/or enhancing the thin lip by inserting HA filler into the lip body using a variety of injectable methods.

Thin aged lips often require some support to the area surrounding the lips known as the perioral area. Treating the lines from lip to nose, known as the philtrum, can restore natural youthful curves and is useful to rejuvenate the mouth. Smokers or kiss lines may be treated using a variety of needle and/or cannula technique.

Prices start from £150.

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