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Does your lipstick bleed?
have your lips thinned?

If your lip stick bleed lines otherwise known as smokers lines, are bothersome, then lip augmentation is a wonderful treatment for you. 

Lip filler can be used to rejuvenate ageing lips by redefining lost definition of the vermilion lip border. The lip boarder can is naturally enhanced providing a softening to those fine upper lip lines using injectable dermal filler of premium quality. Often the upper lip lines are known as smoker lines however, many non-smokers also suffer these lip wrinkles. Redefinition of the cupid bow and philtrum at the same time also helps to achieve a anti-ageing effect.

Volume to the lip body is an ever-growing trend for 20 and 30-year olds and when performed using facial beauty measurements (Golden Ratio) and FDA quality approved filler then results can have the WOW factor. Volume is also beneficial for aged thinned lips and it is possible to provide subtle volume that provides a natural visual pleasing result. 

During consultation the amount of filler required to achieve a natural looking lip will be discussed.  For clients who desire over plumping of the lip body, this treatment may declined.  Over lip volumisation is not recommended.

Only high-quality products are used and post care treatment is provided as standard.

Deposit of £25 is required to secure your appointment and is fully refundable except if “fail to attend or cancel less than 48 hours of appointment”. 

Medical professionals have an accountability to “Act in the best interests of people at all times” and are equipped to deal with any complication.

At Beautifully Dunne Louise strives to provide NATURAL looking lips not big lips.

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