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Tear Trough/under eye hollows

Tear trough treatments  are available at Beautifully Dunne Clinic based in Heaton Mersey, Stockport.   The clinic is easily accessible from Manchester City Centre by tram, train or bus.  Also easily accessible via Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Didsbury, Poynton and/or Bramhall via the M60 or A34.

If you are seeking treatment for under eye lines, dark circles or hollowing then tear trough, under eye filler may be an option for you. 

Under eye hollowing between the lower eye lid and the cheek is also known as a tear trough. As we age, bone resorption causes the eye socket to increase in size.  This causes the overlying skin to be poorly supported and hence the development of under eye hollows.  Under eye filler is a non-surgical option used to treat the hollowing beneath the eye.   Another possible cause of under eye lines may be loss of volume to the cheek region.  In some cases, a better result can be achieved by addressing the loss of cheek volume prior to treating the tear trough.  After which, it may be that the cheek volumisation solves the problem and it is not necessary to proceed to direct tear trough treatment, using under eye filler.

Tear Trough filler isn’t recommended for everybody, you need a consultation prior to treatment, to have your suitability assessed.  Consultation, involves taking a past medical history and skin observation, including under eye skin snap test.  To determine treatment eligibility. For example, under eye changes particularly in the morning such as puffiness could worsen if filler is present.  All risks and benefits will be discussed at this stage.  After which you will be given individual pricing options and you will go home to take time to process your tear trough treatment options.

If you decide to proceed with treatment for your under eye lines, hollows or dark circles then you can book an appointment as your convenience.

The tear trough is a delicate area and you should ensure your injector is skilled and insured to perform this advanced technique.  At Beautifully Dunne we predominantly treat tear troughs over 2 sessions, this allows for a pleasing result. Dermal filler beautifully softens the hollowing and hence provides a pleasing aesthetic result.  Only highest quality dermal fillers are used that are sourced from reputable pharmacists.  Treatment lasts 9-15 months and prices from £350.

Treatment will take 1 hour approximately, you will have before pictures taken, complete all medical history, personal details and consent forms prior to tear trough filler treatment.  Your facial assessment will mark up the areas requiring treatment.  Dermal filler will be injected using cannula, a needle entry point is made to allow the cannula to access beneath the skin and into the under eye hollowing.  The cannula is like a tube that is blunt and safest around the eye area, this tube allows access to the most delicate parts of the eye, which is often where the fine lines develop and so filler can be deposited.  Occasionally, needle may be used to target a specific problem area. 

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