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Aging lines and wrinkles on the upper face are the result of a multitude of aging factors.  Loss of volume & repetitive muscle movements that occur with facial expressions such as frowning and squinting, are two common causes of line and wrinkle development. 

Lines at the eye corner are often referred to as crow’s feet.  Crows feet wrinkles can be softened by injecting anti-wrinkle medicine into the muscle that surrounds the eye.   This treatment often lasts 3-4 months and is relatively painless.  Extremely fine needles are used to directly treat the crows feet, and the procedure takes on average 20 minutes. The result is a relaxation of the muscle, so its contraction is much more relaxed and therefore a softening of the crow’s lines occurs.

Frown lines are also often called “11’s”, because often many people develop double lines.  This is not true for all people and often it can just be one wrinkle between the brows that causes you concern.  This line formation is secondary to the group of muscles within the frown area (also known as Glabella).  If anti-wrinkle treatment is performed then the medication once injected works directly on the appropriate muscle that is responsible for the frown.  Therefore, the site of needle injection is into the frown and bilaterally to brows.  Usually five antiwrinkle injection treatments are administered and this procedure takes approximately 20 mins.  The results should be a relaxation of the muscle and softening of the frown wrinkles. 

Forehead lines which are usually horizontal can be a result of the active frontalis muscle which is pulling vertically from the brows up to the skull region.  Wrinkles to the upper part of the face can often be hidden with a fringe.  However, in some instances this is not the preferred option for the individual and the forehead wrinkles are extremely bothersome.  This problem area is also suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment and as already mentioned this involves a number of fine needles to inject the medication to relax the muscle and softening the lines.  This also takes approximately 20 mins and will last approximately 3-4 months.

There are several medications that can be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment. They work by severing the nerve connection to the muscle, providing reduction in muscle movement and subsequently a softening of the lines.

Anti-wrinkle treatments are prescription only medicine (POM) which can only be prescribed following a medical consultation. Only Doctors, Dentists and Independent Nurse Prescribers prescribe. At Beautifully Dunne you will have a consultation and if appropriate have a prescription processed by an Independent Nurse Prescriber.  Your consultation will cover all your anti-ageing concerns and provide possible treatment options that may be suitable for your anti-wrinkle care.

What Indications can be treated:

Crow’s Feet, frown lines, forehead lines & wrinkles lines around eyes.


      • Many fine needles will be inserted into the muscle by the aesthetic nurse practitioner. The muscle treated will depend upon whether your concern area is crows, frown or forehead lines.
      • No topical anaesthetic is required, the needles are so fine.
      • You will see results within a 3-14 days
      • Longevity is variable, but average is 3 months.
      • Non-Surgical Electronic Facials such as CACI, RF & LED require discussion pre-treatment.
      • Not suitable for breast feeding or expectant mothers.

Possible Adverse Effects

      • Any medication can cause side effects. You may not experience any but need to be aware.
      • Uncommon side effects: headache, redness, eyelid ptosis and/or puffy eyes.
      • Common side effects: trauma from injections may cause redness, swelling, bruising and/or pain.
      • Rare side effects: difficulty swallowing and/or muscle weakness related to spread of toxin from the site of administration. These reports have been mainly associated with injections in neck muscles to medically treat neck jerking. However, if you experience these seek immediate emergency medical advise


      • Avoid exercise and heat rooms for 24 hours, can encourage bleeding.
      • Do not apply makeup for 4 hours, can cause infection.
      • Do not rub the area for 24-48 hours, it can affect your aesthetic outcome.
      • Avoid Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Alcohol for 48 hours, can encourage bleeding.
      • Attend for you follow up appointment 2 weeks post treatment.
      • Expect your treatment to last 3 months approximately.

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