Non Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift

Non-surgical face lifts are a becoming a popular alternative, for those would like a face lift without invasive surgery.

Since the development of dermal filler face lifts, surgical options are becoming less popular. Understandably, if you can have the desired effect, without 2 weeks down time, then it only makes sense to many. Non-surgical face lift is also known as the liquid face lift or 8-point face lift or MD codes.

The 8-point face lift was originally designed my Dr M Maio (Consultant Plastic Surgeon) who has more recently gone onto adapt the treatment to what is now known as MD codes.

This treatment is unique and bespoke to every client depending upon the degree of aging to reverse. This is an advanced treatment and takes a talented trained eye to master the beauty already within. Costs from £1550 for initial treatment which will be spaced over 2-3 sessions. Maintenance touch ups are required 7-10 monthly with cost approximately £650. Prices may be slightly lower or higher depending upon quantity of product required.

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